Opinions on C3's new yoyo called Teleport?

What are your opinions on the Teleport? It’s $50 and is supposed to be a newer version of the Master Galaxy.

Any idea where to find anything about it?

Google… Or their Facebook… Type in google C3yoyodesign teleport and I think another store and their fb have the specs

Hmm…love the C3’s I own, but this one looks too wide for my tastes.

Weight (g) 68.7
Diameter (mm) 54.40
Width (mm) 51.04

Not interested in >45mm width at all so did not even try one. The Apparition is fun tho

They must have a thing for heavy yoyos. Also so many of their yoyos, not this one, but so many look similar and have similar specs. Yawn.

Well, since the width is so wide, I highly doubt it will feel like a regular C3, I bet it will be pretty ‘floaty’ and fast with more of a laid back feeling.

Anyone tried one of these yet? I presume the extra width makes it easier to catch while learning more advanced tricks… but is it still stable at that huge width?

Doesn’t width promote stability? I thought that’s why trapeze artists held a long pole and wouldn’t benefit much from a short stick. :wink: Spread the weight out from the pivot point and it’s less likely to tilt out.

Or am I crazy?

I know the only superwide yoyo I tried (the YYF … Superwide…) felt really stable. Other “pretty wide” yoyos I’ve tried (SPYY Revenger) felt pretty darned stable, too.

I own a Teleport and personally… I wouldn’t recommend it.

I mean the width does make it somewhat unique in the hand (and obviously makes things like hops and lacerations easier to catch), but the play is nothing out of the ordinary and despite the heavy weight and huge width, I found it pretty unstable, not very long-spinning, and just generally not very good. :-\

I’m not normally one to dislike any yoyo… but my Teleport has seen very little use. For $50 there are far better yoyos out there IMO.

Agreed. Got one in a mystery box over Christmas and it’s very meh. I’ve played it probably 5 minutes since i got it.

Thanks guys - I think I’ll pass on the Teleport!

I think a super-wide is a love-hate thing. I really like mine and I play it a lot. If you’ve never experienced it then you need to try it before passing judgement.

Are there better yoyos for the money? yes, but this is “different.” So I say don’t buy it full price and wait for it on the BST and then get it to try it. You can always resell it if you don’t like it.