So C3 has really been pumpin’ the yoyos out lately eh? Just a few months may seem like a long time between yoyo releases, but it seems like most companies only release like 2-4 yoyos a YEAR and C3 has been doing it over the course of a few months. Just thought it was interesting how they’ve gone from having 2-3 yoyos on the market to however-many they have now in just 3-4 years. Idk maybe its just me

I like that new Dymension. Dark Sonic with cleaner lines? Cool.

Too heavy, like most of their releases, sigh, need more 60g-65g yoyos on the market.

Yes, this is true. It’s heavier than my tastes usually run. If it were 65g, it would be an instant buy for me. As it is, though, there’s still a market out there for the 67g yoyos, and the Dymension is a quality entry into that category.

They need more yoyos like the Krown. Although I do think the yoyo is heavier because David does 5A and it seems like ( to me anyways) when they make a heavy yoyo it is for 5A.

I’m liking what there coming out with i like my heavy throws and some of them are right up my alley all I need is the money to pick up a p.wave because that Yoyo looks awesome IMO.

C3 make some great stuff but I haven’t really been excited about a new model from them since the Berserker.


I think C3 need an H shape yoyo

I dont understand why they have the concave. Im guessing its like the mo-vitation, in which case its not depe enough to do fingerspins in thay concave anyways… y not just go flat hub

You don’t fingerspin in the middle part. You fingerspin in the channel formed around that whole raised area. Seems to work pretty good for Mo-mo, and I also saw Ao Lee demonstrating it to good effect at the ECR.

Same. All their shapes look very similar besides the dibase2

Also, to me the dymension just looks like a new Dark Sonic. Its heavy, it has the same little step in the gap, and the hub looks similar.

Yes I know, but the dimple on the Mo was made for fingerspins. It even says it in the description but its not deel enough. If they wanted it to be designed only for fingerspins on the outer channel it would be better if it was conpletely flat

Not necessarily true. Your finger can “ride” the channel when you’re fully horizontal. For off-axis fingerspins I don’t think the channel is helpful, though.

Whether they intended that dimple to be for fingerspins or not, even Mo doesn’t use it that way… he rides the channel. It’s incredibly hard to land right in the middle anyhow; I’ve tried it several times on the Prestige and met with failure each time.

I’m not saying the channel is bad for fingerspins, it is very good for them. But, it would be even better if they removed that raised area for the dimple all together and make the hub flat.

As for landing in the middle, I have a YYJ Titan3, and I can fingerspin in the dimple of it. But the Mo’s dimple isn’t deep enough. Even when I turn it horizontal matador style it just flies off. I’ve talked to a few people about it and none of them can get a fingerspin in the dimple.

It’s not a matter of how hard it is to fingerspin in the dimple, I’m saying they are uncapable for fingerspins, so why is it there anyways? Fingerspins would be a little longer if it’s not there, and they just made it completely flat.

The dimple on the Mo is supposed to be able to fingerspin there, but you can’t. It even says it in the description “The Mo-Vitation was sculpted for sideways and on top of the finger play with its rather delightful dimples on the sides

Well, I already talked about the marketing, so no point repeating myself. Maybe their marketing team even got it wrong. Maybe Mo always wanted it for spinning in the channel.

Do you LOSE anything by spinning in the channel?

As you know, my fingerspins are only good when I go off-axis. And I’m pretty sure yours are off-axis, too. I don’t think that a flat hub promotes that “fully horizontal” look to a fingerspin, but I don’t know for sure. My impression is that if it’s at least locked to that channel, you’re going to be less likely to spin out.