Opinions about sal-ti

What do you think about salti? I heard its all come with a bit of vibe, and the titanium quality is not really good, is it true?

I like mine. The axle is super short but other than that it’s fine. I heat anodized mine and it came out well. Mine is dead smooth.

it s got relatively high walls which might be worth noting.

It’s walls aren’t really high at all. When I think modern high walled yoyos, I think of something like the YYF roll model.

I’m a huge fan of mine. It has a very unique feeling during play. It is very agile and can play fast, more of a lightweight, however it doesn’t feel like a feather so to speak, you can still feel it as it moves, allowing for greater control. Despite this lighter feeling, it manages to have excellent stability and spin time. Plus, the sound it makes as you play is really cool, it sounds sort of like a quiet bell.

I’ve had one for a while and really love it. Smooth.