opinion on wyyc

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Hi, I just would like to hear your opinions on wyyc. Did you like stream? Commentary, interviews? What you like and what not? Thanks


I thought everything about it was fantastic. First class. Made me feel like I was there.

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Having models bring the players on stage was a very noticeable change. I wonder how the actual players felt about that.


Does anyone know if Hajime Miura is the new youngest world champion?


I believe Hajime is about 10 years old. John Narum was 11 when he won I believe and was the youngest ever at the time. But I am not sure.


Takeshi won in 2008


Was about to mention takeshi
Pretty sure he is 15/16 now?
So in 2008 he would have been 9 or 10?


This was the first wyyc I’ve watched the coverage on since I was just learning to yoyo when the last one happened. I thought the coverage was unbelievable, comparable to professional sporting events. I did think it was awkward how the models brought the players onto the stage, but I’m sure they didn’t really complain seeing as a few of them checked the models out as they left ;).


The livestream made it feel like we are actually a sport. Very professional and such.


It was the best that I’ve seen yo-yoing presented. I always thought yo-yoing was a sport, so I thought it got the presentation that it deserves. I think that the organizers did a fantastic job for those of us viewing from home. I enjoyed the commentary, especially because I’m not used to hearing something like that while watching a contest. It was a great feature. I can tell from the photos people were posting, that the turnout was great, and people were having a great time. I have seen many comments by those who go to Worlds regularly, that it was the best they have ever seen Worlds. From a spectator standpoint, I just felt a renewed energy from the players. I forgot I was at home watching at some points, clapping and stuff. :smiley:


I can’t speak for the actual contest as I wasn’t there of course, but as far as the online stream it was top notch.

Excellent video, multiple angles, replays, etc… all very well done. Enjoyed the commentary as well, Steve and crew did a great job trying to keep it interesting.



Online stream was amazing

YouTube videos are terrible.


Correction: The videos with the most views are terrible (ironically).



That was one of the worst things about the whole thing for me tbh :stuck_out_tongue: I was there and it was just extremely awkward… and it didnt add anything to the experience, and a lot if not all of the players were obviously really uncomfortable in that situation. I would also be interested in what the players say to that. to me it was just a really bad idea and really out of place compared to the rest of the event.

There are only 2 more negative things i noticed beeing there. 1. the heat in the venue was really bad! it was bad for the players, and in the crowd it got really hard in the extreme heat, but i guess its hard to change that but still.
and 2. there werent many companies there to sell, i was expecting more since last year in florida there were at least three times as many booths.

Now thats all the negative i have… I have to say it was an AMAZING event! last time in florida(i just went for the 2. day last year) it was pretty good i thought, but this year was just so much better! the venue was just perfect! having it under ground in this kind of night club kinda area gave it an amazing feeling! the crowd was INSANE and there was no way not to get excited! the atmosphere in there was perfect and just made it all so epic! the competition was amazing and it pretty much never got boring.
I know almost no one in the community and I still never got bored! The schedule was very tight so there was never a lot of down time and the filler events were really good and fun to watch. Also the production side of the event was miles better than last year.
I m very glad I went to the event and it was an amazing experience and all the criticism i had in the beginning are nothing compared to the great things about it!

So yea, i hope next year will be as good as this one, and i hope i can somehow get to japan :stuck_out_tongue:

just stop that model thing, its weird :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


BTW, this channel uploaded all of the freestyles with good audio quality! https://www.youtube.com/user/yoyovideoachive/playlists


Haha I looked at the wild card playlist and all but one video (Erik Bjork) was private. I watched and when I went back on the channel a minute later it was private.