Is the one star a v,o or h shape???

Depends who you talk to. I call it an H shape.

Either way, it plays nice, and that’s all that matters.

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He’s asking because of the benchmark. And that he has a onestar

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I’d call it a V shape.

Wish I was as intelligent as this guy.

I would call it v, like studio said depends who you ask. I always associated H with distinguished rims. Like the mvp2(extreme example)

I agree that I usually associate H shapes with distinguished rims, however for me the Onestar is just too extremely stepped to be considered a V.

The Beserker is a clear example of a V:

To me the Onestar sort of blurs the lines between V and H. Which makes sense, because since you can pretty much make a yoyo profile pretty much anything you want there are bound to be those that don’t fit the constraints of tradition shapes perfectly.

If I was forced at gunpoint to make a call, I’d say H shaped.

Well, Gambit, that pic of the One Star sure looks a lot like the V shaped throw of the Benchmark series. The rims aren’t as angled, but still very similar. I agree though it’s more like a mash of the V and H, but the rims are not prominent at all like on most H’s.