onedrop DANG



daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang i might know who might be champ next year if they do compete


I do not believe my tricks are contest worthy!


Awesome video, Paul!

(Connor) #5

Thats some serious stuff, love it.

I remember I traded with you once, a long time ago and you filled the box with bubble gum. I became a fan that day. :stuck_out_tongue: Still a fan, your killin’ it man.


I love this kinda stuff


Thank you for all the love YYE community!


DANG is right! Awesome stuff paul! See you at worlds this year?


You’re a really talented guy, but I see too much similarity in the tricks. Do something out-of-the-blue.

(Jei Cheetah) #10

Learn to notice trick elements better.


Loved this vid Paul, Your stuff is so crazy to look at and its always awesome seeing you pull this stuff off in person.
I know people say you don’t vary it up but meh, they be hatin, you’re a chopsticks player, and I see lots of variety in your movements and trick flow.
Great elements, awesome style, great flow.

Thanks for sharing, hope to hang with you again at some future contest.



My tricks aren’t out of the blue? Damn, I’ve always thought that my tricks were different from 90% of the yoyoers out there.


All i can say is that pauls gricks are one odpf a kind and are very specail they are very byzantine and out of the blue great job and youre signiture yoyo is the BOSS. Nothing of mkne plays like it


I spelled alot of stuff wrong


Well, you will never find out unless you try. ;D


Do not get me wrong. I think your tricks are very original, but they seem to be very similar to each other.


I believe a form of similarity exists in every ones style of throwing. I do get where you’re coming from now. I tend to position the string is the same spot throughout most of my main tricks. Thank you for the constructive criticism.