onedrop Benchmark H 2014 Review


We have all tried a ton of different throws, V-shape, H-shape, and many more. How should an H-shape throw play like? What should be the benchmark that all H-shape throws are compared against? Well, onedrop set out to create a literal benchmark for various shapes, in this case, the H-shape throw. Turn on some music and read on for the review on onedrop’s Benchmark H 2014

Specs (Courtesy of onedrop):
Base Weight: 62 grams
Shipping Weight: 65.30 grams (with aluminium Flat Cap Effects)
Width: 43 mm
Diameter: 55 mm
Stock Response: Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.32 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Pyramatte ™
Axle System: Side Effect ™


Simplistic and elegant shape that exudes function and performance, NOT to be confused with basic.
Not a heavyweight but plays like one.
Drumroll Affordable!


10 Ball bearing (I know, I know… read ahead to see my take on it)
You will have to set time apart to play this thing. (hint I really like it)
Too light for some.

The Meat an’ Potatoes

I opened the box and bam simple carboard box with a marker showing it is an H-shape Benchmark. After looking at it, I actually said “darn…” I saw the throw as being really determined to show others what it really is. This guy is a no non-sense throw that only does one thing and it does it darn well, and that is to put a smile on your face. After a few throws it felt really confident while doing tricks. Once thing I noticed instantly is the weight, or well…the lack of it. My other throw is a YYF Shutter and that guy comes in at 67.8 grams. To me that is hefty and plays hefty. The Benchmark H practically dances on the string but is not unstable when you really wanna throw it around. BAM! a 9/10 for playability.

The finish…well lets not kid ourselves, it’s a onedrop. BAM! a 10/10.

Ahh…then we get to the the highly regarded 10 Ball onedrop bearing, that everyone is praising. Personally…I don’t get the fascination of it. To me it plays just like any other flat bearing in the market. I played it for a few hours and yup…very average bearing to me. Sure its quieter but during fast quick changes of directions, it made the Benchmark lose its balance. I prefer center trac bearings. I will give the 10 Ball a few more days and we shall see. I’ll post an update if I see any major differences. BAM! a 6/10 for the bearing.

Side Effects are pretty cool, I have never had a throw with them so we shall see how fun they are. I love the fact that stripping the axle will not mean buying a new Benchmark H. Simply replace the side effect.

The response pads are utter…bliss. With my Bluepring 100% poly string they don’t really change in consistency once broken in and are very reliable with tight binds and no surprises during several string wraps around the bearing. Coming from YYF Shutter response pads those things are hit or miss. I swapped the bearings with the YYF Shutter’s center trac bearing since I kept reading that center trac bearings are prone to binding inconsistently, no difference whatsover. The response pads are what made the difference in my case. BAM! a 10/10 for the response pads.

Compared to the YYF Shutter this thing is just a happy type of throw, it’s very fun and not as serious as the Shutter. With the Shutter I feel like I gotta play catch up all the time, the Benchmark, to me at least, plays very relaxed and laid back. I prefer the Benchmark H to the Shutter in all aspects except sleep time. Benchmark H got 4:56 and Shutter got 7:02. Honestly though, are you really gonna do a 7:02 minute combo? I thought so… Sure it helps to sleep long but I had no trouble linking several tricks together with one throw.

The Dessert and Chit-Chat

Well, after about 2 days of throwing I came to the conclusion that this throw deserves an 8/10. It would be a 9/10 if it came with a better bearing. It is an impressive piece of hardware that deserves to get played at least once to see onedrop’s take on the H-shape throw.