Onedrop 10ball seat gap?

i recently sold a yoyo to somebody with a onedrop 10ball in it, and when they got it they complained that the string slipped between the side of the bearing and the wall of the yoyo into the bearing air release groove. upon hearing this i grabbed one of my 10balls and there is a curve on the edges of the bearing that goes into the air release groove. has anyone else had issues with this, or did i get a bad batch of 10balls?

It depends on the design of the yoyo & the overall gap width. Which yoyo was this reported to be happening on?

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offset outlier

Gap Width: 4.78mm

That’s 0.02mm wider than the bearing itself. Not really a great candidate for a flat bearing.


I wonder how that works? On most websites, C bearings list .187 inches as bearing width or 4.7498mm. It would be interesting to know.

I’ve never really paid too much attention to gap width, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the bearing seat gap width.

Edit: When I look at gap width of yo-yos, they are under 4.7498. I’m guessing that’s because they go over the bearing slightly. But I don’t really know much about all this.

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Man, you really nerfed that yoyo when you sold it. Poor guy who received with a 10 ball instead of the original bearing.


Normal for our bearing to have the radius.

Not sure what you mean by air release, but if the fence on that yoyo is too low or to big in diameter that could happen.

dude :slight_smile:


Protip: gap width is independent of bearing width.

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Lol! I simply mean that you should sell the yoyo with the original bearing.

Pulling out a centering bearing and putting in a flat is not what most people would prefer or expect when they buy a yoyo that normally sells with a centering bearing.

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very rarely have i sold a yoyo with the original bearing, and very rarely have i received one with the original bearing. most people have preferences and replace the stock bearing with one of their favourites upon receiving the yoyo, or have a large enough collection that they swap bearings around and can’t place the original for the life of them. if someone wants a yoyo to come with the original bearing, they should tell me when they inquire about it. never assume you’ll get anything you haven’t been told you’ll get.


I really doubt most people do this. I think for a lot of people, the stock bearing is just fine. I know that I haven’t changed the stock bearing in 90% of my yoyos, and the only ones that I have changed were One Drops. But I’d love to see some raw data on this.


I still think it’s dodgy.

Fine if you don’t have the original bearing, but if you do, put it in every time.

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I don’t agree @WickerWraith it is super weird to sell a yo-yo with a swapped flat bearing. That is something that definitely should be mentioned.

(Now if you swapped it with another generic centering bearing, that’s probably fine. But flat? Aw H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS no!)

Similarly, selling a onedrop that doesn’t have the original flat bearing is also weird and should be mentioned.


I think I accidentally have shipped every yoyo with a different bearing. I never thought about it, but I’ll definitely mention it in the future. I always clean my bearings like 10 at a time. I never pay attention which goes to which.

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Maybe it’s some marketing tactic?

no offense

I’ve got ideas in which I swap the original bearing out for a flat and sell it to them for the same price and then I will sell the original which is more expensive and make profit

Evil me intensifies