One throw with the CLYW Chief - Aaron Davis

A quick video I made this afternoon between classes.

That was two throws.

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Get some friends.


Love your style

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Geesh, take a joke.

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Nice man!!!

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dang he beat me to it.

Dont be so rude bro lol. That kinda made me a little disappointed when i read that reply.

Peace love and good vibes for all - Sammy

I was kidding.

so was he joking with you or being very rude?

i would assume the second because of his demeanor in the video.

I like how he gets 3 thank yous for giving a very rude reply to somebody who was joking, and even if Soviet Locust was serious, it is pretty childish to tell someone to “Get some friends” because they said that was 2 throws.

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it was very extreme and uncalled for, he stated a true fact that it was two throws because of the regen in there. I have to admit I did like the video but the user was rude

Take a joke.

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Whoooaaaa this got blown out of proportion. I realized immediately that the first reply was a joke, and my reply was also a joke. I’m sorry that it was misconstrued as rudeness haha. Everybody chill.

Well there ya go, effective communication is always needed.

Was I the only one that figured Dizzavis was joking too?

Anyway, back to the video, one throw or two, those were some good moves.


Thank you! I appreciate it.

Whoa dude sorry… Everyone was sayin it wasnt a joke so peer pressure sorta happened haha.

Sorry if I offended you :-\

Its my faulttt guiiiissee! I take accountability, wont happen again. My b

Wait. There was a regen? I think you’re mistaking because I didn’t see one.