One throw: TRE (5a)


Just a little 5a update.


Looks like you have some nice tricks in there!


Is the Square Wheels sponsorship no more?


Man, your 5a is way too good…




(2Sick Joey) #6

Your not on Square Wheels??? WTF…when did that happen?


Couple weeks ago.

(2Sick Joey) #8

Was this going to be publically known or is someone going to address it? Just curious as to what were the reasons and such. I see you’ve taken a liking to Werrd…quite interesting. Good yoyoing but the other stuff Ill keep to myself


Nothing really happened, so there is no reason to bring attention to it. I decided it was time for me to leave, so I did. Nothing went down, everybody is on good terms, and I still think square wheels is a wonderful company.