One Throw BATTLE



A : Dat FLOW

B : Dat TECH

 Prolly B :)

Im all for ANYONE who can present slacks so cleanly and beautifuly.
A for sure



The style is more refined and presented better than A, but both are great.

The same for me. :smiley:




A has tons of flow and slacks, not like B.


It was 11 11 when I came in, now it’s 11 12 :smiley:

I voted for B, I think both were great, I just think that B’s flowed better, and also had more room for error with tangles, if he were to miss a string, his throw would have been over, and he has some pop ups in there onto other strings. Also, personally I’m not a huge fan of slack tricks. I like more technical tricks.

As a side note, I really liked the camera technique; where it started all dark, then had a spotlight on only him.

I’m going A, but it was close. Both of these were really strong.