one problem with yoyo expert


they r always low on there product like my favorite yoyo (duncan speed beetle) has 2 in stock and a velocity had like 3 last time i checked


i meant 2 of each color


I think this is because YYE isn’t that popular yet. So, Andre only keeps a little in stock, because there is only a little bit of people buying. I haven’t seen anything out of stock, yet, so he must do a good job at least keeping them in stock.


The Speed Beetle… will probably have 2 in stock of each color for a while. I don’t know many people that really like them. I own one, only because that’s the only bearing yoyo I could find locally to tide me over while my first online order shipped.

I haven’t looked at a lot of numbers, but a lot of stores don’t seem to stock a ton of each kind of yoyo, especially ones that aren’t so popular. There’s just not enough yoyo demand on the whole to require hundreds of units to be in stock.

Also, this is one of the only places I can find that currently has DMs in stock, at all.


kim has a good point yoyos arent a very popular sport all people will want is one that goes up and down cause all i found was a speed beetle, a yomega clutch, a duncan butterfly and imperial (fixed axles) and i got a trans axle one from party city it doesnt have a company brand or anything on it

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Kim-Lan has a very valid point :). But atleast YYE has stock! YYN is often sold out of just about everything, haha. :(. Dont worry, once YYE gets more popular Andre will have more stock. :slight_smile: