One Drop, YYF, Yomega, YYJ Sale

I have a YYF Superstar, Boss, Grind Machine, Chaotic, and an Offstring. The Chaotic has a scratch but you can see it in the pics. I also have 2 YYJ Sunset Trajectorys, a Yomega Xodus II, and a One Drop M1. All of the yoyos work just like new an are worth the buy. Im selling the Boss for 40-45, Superstar for 40-45, M1 for 30, Xodus II for 10, Offstring for 10, Grind Machine for 20, and the Sunset Trajetorys for 7 each or 10 for both. Send me a PM for what you want and we can work stuff out.


do you still have the stacks for the superstar?

30$ for the boss but i include my yuuksta with few dings for the boss