CRAZY DEAL - Yuji Superstar $65 paypal or trade for non YYF throws

Mint YYF Big Deal with CUSTOM Rice Stacks. Comes with 5 extra mini strings and 2 extra rice stacks. ($65 $60 $55or best offer shipped) Traded to Jonahtroy – THANKS!

YYF Yuji edition Superstar. Has one minor flat spot, plays smooth like butter. Comes with stock SPEC bearing, 2 red and 2 blue hubstack sets. ($75 $65 or best offer shipped) Don’t try to undercut me on the superstar either. You won’t find it this cheap anywhere else. There is nothing wrong with it aside from that one flat spot. If you want to trade me for it please don’t offer me cheap stuff.

US Shipping only!! Will not mail out of the country.

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I got a pair of 720’s and a raider but thats pretty much what i have thats on you want list

Bump – had a few offers – if you’re trading please don’t lowball me. Make sure to include in your offer ways to offset the values.

want a markmont next for that superstar?

Bump for great justice.

$42-$45 for big deal maybe

Errrr no thanks. Next!