Yoyo Sale. Cheap!


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I have Yoyofactory, Yoyojam, Yomega, and One Drop yoyos. The Yoyofactory yoyos are the Superstar, Boss, Grind Machine, Chaotic, and a Offstring. The Chaotic has a little scuff thats barely noticeable. I also have 2 Yoyojam Sunset Trajectorys, a Yomega Xodus II, and a One Drop M1. All the yoyos work just like new and are very worth the buy. Send me a message about the yo you want. Im selling the Boss for $65 or lower, Superstar for $65, M1 for $45, Xodus for $10, Offsring for $10, Grind Machine for $20-$30, Sunset Trajectorys for $10 each or $15 for both, and the Chaotic for $55-$70 cause the scratch. Thanks :slight_smile:
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Hey,can i buy you your two sunset trayectories,for 10 dollars
Thanks, bye

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