One Drop YoYos Official News

You should be able to do this with legos or maybe a cap like on the MK1 Unicorn.

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More SEs on the way. I see Energy Domes, Dietz, Lego, Domes, Flat Caps, Spikes, ULs. . .



I dont find it appealing either, at all, it looks look trademark infringement to me all the way down to the box.


It’s literally their design……

It’s not an infringment. It’s licensed.


Red SEs are online.

Don’t get me wrong, Im sure its a good yoyo and a good top.

Im just not sure why id want to do both of those things with it when I could get some other nice yoyo and a nice top that are for dedicated uses. Especially cerakote.

Seems like a quick way to beat up an otherwise perfectly good yoyo when you could just get a really nice yoyo and a really nice spin top for the same price.

I cant imagine buying one of One Drops cerakotes, for example, and wanting to pull it apart and chuck the halves around as a top.

Im genuinely just curious about why folks are hyped for it though. Not judging those who are, just thinking i may be missing something so thought id ask.

It’s a metal side effect version of the spin gadget, a very popular (especially in Japan but, elsewhere too) plastic yoyo from the yoyoboom days, I think. I could be wrong but that’s what I’ve gathered.


I’m so down for that. I just picked up some red energy domes. I’d love to see ultra light legos for us.


Interesting. Im more intrigued by the plastic one now. I have an unhealthy affection for these beginner yoyos, but i havent found the perfect one yet :laughing:.


I expect the pedigrees alone to sell a yo-yo like this to plenty of people.

Then there are the novel SE’s, and this one has some that are pretty interesting, function wise.

Plus cap compatibility.

Even without the spintop feature, it has plenty for some people to be hyped about.

But Spingear features a lot of Komas so that is a tie-in that makes perfect sense. And I don’t see how that option detracts from the yo-yo in any way.


Spin Gaget is pretty rad, Unknown version is still available at YYE


Best answer yet! I actually like that it has weight rings. Im curious if those fit the duncan yoyos. I have a set of weight rings on my freehand pro but id love to get my hands on more.

Heads up on the spin gadget:

They will only come with the side effects that you order. If you get the yoyo, they come with the side effects. If you get the modified version, you only get that one.

That being said, I did get the modified version. Why not? It seems super fun. Yoyoing is supposed to be fun. I can’t wait to take this thing to club and let everyone try it.

If you want to “collect” the yoyo and dont want to ding it- buy 2.


It comes with caps too *I think


“2 sets of caps are included as standard. ( The color is random) Please wear it as you like.
POM rings and aluminum rings sold separately can also be attached (aluminum rings are partially compatible)”

Edit: the translated Japanese page is more informative.


I didn’t see the rings for sale. Guess I’ll 3d print some maybe.


Anyone know the weight of brass mini spikes? Don’t have a scale myself.

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For the brass mini’s you’re looking at 5.88 g.