one drop yoyo

do one drop yo-yos retain their value or do they devalue pretty quick

A pretty easy way to test this is to look at the how much onedrops retail for on the yoyoexpert shop, and compare it to how much they sell for on the B/S/T by checking peoples threads.

Just so i can save you the trouble though, they retain value pretty well. Better than yoyofactory, but not quite as good as CLYW.

In my experience, it depends on different factors, such as the model, the condition, and the colorway, just like any other brand. I think the brand of the yo-yo is the least important factor of them all.

For example, a limited model, such as the Sovereign, is going to definitely retain value, and may increase in value over time. On a standard model, that is not as limited, you might consider other factors such as the condition of the yo-yo, and whether it is a colorway in high demand. There are lots of factors that can influence the value over time.

I believe this is true, no matter what brand we discuss.

Only the newest models retain their value. Anything more than a couple months out drops pretty considerably.

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Would the aya me gradient retain it value? And is it worth$75?

I would pay $75 for an Ayame Gradient in good condition without any bad feels.

Gradients in general are not the strongest One Drops for retaining value. Which is a shame because it’s an amazing yoyo.

Here’s an alternative perspective to consider: you should pay for a yoyo what it’s worth to you now, today. With the assumption that you intend to keep it. “Is this worth $75 for me to own and potentially play for many months or even years? Yes? Sold!” You can’t bank on resale value. But let’s assume you’re somebody who rotates through yoyos regularly, the next viable question to ask is, “Is this worth $20 for me to rent for three or four months, assuming I can only resell it for $55 later? Yes? Sold!”

I personally think it’s a flawed approach to ANY consumer good to ask, “Can I get the entire sum of my money back when I sell it in X months?” because the answer HAS to be “no” to be sane. You have to assume that you will lose money. Breaking even or making money should be seen as the outlier. The edge case. Drives me nuts when people say on the BST, “I just want to get back out of it what I put into it.” Why? Why is that the baseline? You don’t buy physical goods (especially toys) and expect them to retain their exact value. Side note: these people tend to drop their prices eventually because they’re not moving on the BST. :wink:

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What GregP said.

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