One Drop Yo-Yos Mantis

So pumped for this release! I need another good Onedrop yoyo!

Countdown up!

Well I just got a kayak, so nvm.

I can’t wait!! Double the chance for a Ti is awesome. My marquis was a solid color so I’m hoping I have a little better luck this time…

Good luck for you! Waiting on my kayak…

Just a fair warning to everyone so they do not make the same mistake I’ve made several times on this website. Even though there is a “countdown” page, that is NOT the page the yoyos will drop on. I have made the mistake of waiting for the countdown to end and refreshing the page several times, and the yoyos never showing up for sale on those pages. All I ever get is a clock that reads 0. You need to find the link for the actual page where it will be sold.

I hope this helps other people who have missed out on other countless drops because of this.

Thanks for the tip man. So just to make sure if I go to brands- one drop- and then click on the mantis that is the correct page?

How many did yye have? As soon as it dropped It said there was only 100 in stock. Did they really get rid of 500 that quickly or did othe retailers get them too? I got one and I’m super excited but just wondering because that changes your chances of getting certain ones if they only had 100.

Other websites got them too. So who knows how many yoyoexpert got. I passed on these. It’s fun not knowing what you’re going to get but honestly I’d rather pick my color. Too bad, these looked pretty nice.

Love the blind boxes, such a great idea, and I love that One Drop is doing them.

I hope they continue the blind boxes in the future. The Mantis is a blast!

Did you already get to try it?

Yes, I have one, Blue :slight_smile:

So I took a look and wow they were gone fast.


If you went to the OD shop you could buy them for the past couple weeks.

One blue is out of the mix, odds of Ti just went up for the rest of us!

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Oh that makes sense. I really want a nickel one. But all of them look sweet. So I’m sure I’ll love whatever I get.

Thank you to everyone who picked one up :slight_smile: We are stoked you guys like the Blind Box idea. We will be doing it again!


I saw one pop up just before. all though I thought they were gone early this morning around drop time. So I pounced on it like a tiger

USPS tracking seems like mine will be here tomorrow. I am excited!