One Drop Sticker Collection (updated 3-23)

Bored this morning so I thought id update the One Drop sticker collection photo.

Years ago OD used to include random stickers with their orders. I made it a bit of a side hobby collecting them all as I love the artwork. Most were acquired from going to town on the sticker pile on a visit to the shop a while back, but some were sent from various throwers who were kind enough to fill in the gaps. Now I request one with every new order. As far as I can tell I’m missing P2, M1 and there was an UNKNOWN Edtion Kuntosh sticker released…but Im still very proud of what I have gleaned over the years


Have one I’m missing? Let’s talk! Till then, enjoy this catalog of beautiful packaging pieces!


This one.

Not sure what I got it with. Either CODE 1 or a pack of bearings. Most of my ODs are secondhand.