One Drop Side Effects

So I finally got a set of Disk RSM’s to complete my Side Effects collection. The only pieces that MIGHT be out there that I haven’t gotten are Disk and Mini Disks made out of brass. I haven’t found any solid evidence that they exist though.

Oh, and I’m also waiting for a Sakura SE in the mail, so I’ll have those SE’s soon.

Middle row is all brass.

Nice! I’m a huge OD fan.
Nice Benchmark too, ordered mine a week ago and it still has yet to arrive :confused:

Awesome Ross! I wanna play with those stunt pegs!

Stunt pegs are awesome! I love doing spin top type tricks with it. Jake, I thought you tried mine at PA states?

Is that a SLCK YWET?

No red hearts?! Those are some of the best.

I noticed that as well! I have red hearts…hit me up if you want to buy/trade for them.

Nope didn’t know you had um

I hope it is. That is one of the most beautiful yoyos.

Congrats on finishing up your collection. I wonder if any other variations are coming.

Nope, no Red Hearts yet. I wasn’t aiming to get all of the colors of everything, just all of the different weight variations. I wouldn’t say no to some Red Hearts, but I just haven’t come across any that I wanted to buy.

The throw in question is not an Anti-Yo throw at all, actually. It is a Nickel Plated OD 54. I love this throw, and with the Anti-Yo Hearts, it is about as close to perfect as I’ve found so far :smiley:

Anyone with any word on any other variations I might be missing (i.e. brass disks/mini disks)?

Ah, they’re really cool, but challenging to master tricks on.

Are the silver Anti-Yo SEs available for purchase separately somewhere? Been hoping to find a pair on the BST eventually. Or someone to trade my extra red set for a silver set.

There was one of a kind Side Effect I think LinksLegionaire had/has. It was very similar to the Anti Yo Side Effects, except they were made of brass. Whoever owns them told me they had them custom made.

They were briefly on this store and another store but have been sold out for quite some time.

I has them!

Don’t forget about the new side effects on the code 2 argonaut you need those now.

Nah, those are just disks with a different engraving. I really am only looking for the different weights of the same shape, not different colors, etc.

I’ve sold off the doubles of my brass SE’s and hopefully the Stunt Pegs will sell soon.

Nice collection :slight_smile:

Thanks! I feel like you’ve seen quite a bit of it before…