One Drop Side Effects Set-ups


What are your guys’ set-ups on all your One Drop Side Effects Yoyos?

Here’s mine,

EDIT: Rearranged my Side Effect and bearing set-up *As of - 2/12/2015

Silver Plated Summit // Ultra Light (Green) //Konkave Ceramic
Nickel Plated Code 1 // Dome (Green) // Konkave Ceramic
Clear Gradient // Code 1 (Gray) // Center Trac
Clear Benchmark W // Flat Cap (Green) // Center Trac

I’m going to want to eventually get all green side effects for all my side effect compatible yoyos.


on my mustard mmc:

brass ultra lights, gold flat bearing
brass mmc, gold centertrac
alum mmc, od 10 baller

i try to keep it triple gold though.

(Owen) #3

dietz side effects

on my dietz


UL Side Effects

on all the things.

(OK, I lie. I use the MC side effects on the MC)

(Owen) #5

code1 side effects

on my code1


Ultalights on my YYF severe.

(Owen) #7

yyf severes

on my yyf severe


Ultralights are better bruh. trust meh.
I’ll post a pic they look much better.
Oh, I’m talking about the delrin one BTW.

(Owen) #9

oh my bad i was under the impression you were talking about the capped metal one.


Hav’nt tryed does ones.


My favorite are the Flat Cap, I find they make ANY side effect compatible yoyos into a workhorse.


Flats on my code 2, but when I want a heavier throw, I throw in the argonaut effects. I run it with the stock OD 10 ball lubed with Terrapin X dry lube