One Drop Side Effects Set-ups

What are your guys’ set-ups on all your One Drop Side Effects Yoyos?

Here’s mine,

EDIT: Rearranged my Side Effect and bearing set-up *As of - 2/12/2015

Silver Plated Summit // Ultra Light (Green) //Konkave Ceramic
Nickel Plated Code 1 // Dome (Green) // Konkave Ceramic
Clear Gradient // Code 1 (Gray) // Center Trac
Clear Benchmark W // Flat Cap (Green) // Center Trac

I’m going to want to eventually get all green side effects for all my side effect compatible yoyos.

on my mustard mmc:

brass ultra lights, gold flat bearing
brass mmc, gold centertrac
alum mmc, od 10 baller

i try to keep it triple gold though.

dietz side effects

on my dietz

UL Side Effects

on all the things.

(OK, I lie. I use the MC side effects on the MC)

code1 side effects

on my code1

Ultalights on my YYF severe.

yyf severes

on my yyf severe

Ultralights are better bruh. trust meh.
I’ll post a pic they look much better.
Oh, I’m talking about the delrin one BTW.

oh my bad i was under the impression you were talking about the capped metal one.

Hav’nt tryed does ones.

My favorite are the Flat Cap, I find they make ANY side effect compatible yoyos into a workhorse.

Flats on my code 2, but when I want a heavier throw, I throw in the argonaut effects. I run it with the stock OD 10 ball lubed with Terrapin X dry lube