One Drop Rebirth wobble

Just recently bought a Rebirth and it’s played very smooth for a couple weeks now. Noticed the stock bearing was still a little gummy so I popped in a different bearing (because I’m too impatient to clean it right away…) and noticed some vibe, so I put the stock bearing back in (same orientation and everything) but now it occasionally has a horrendous wobble, at best there is some vibe. The wobble will mostly sort itself out if you let it sleep a while. I can’t think of anything I could’ve done to it while opening it up, it’s not the first time I’ve unscrewed it either, and I haven’t dropped it or dinged it against anything. I’m hesitant to think it’s defective as I’ve been throwing it for a little while with no problems whatsoever until now. But I’m just not sure. Thoughts?

Try tightening it. Side effect yo-yos aren’t going to strip so you can really crank it tight. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Also try swapping the sides the side effects are in, sometimes that helps.

If it continues to vibe then contact the store you bought it from. As long as there’s no damage and you bought it recently you should be able to swap it out no problem.

This. Needs to be tight. Don’t worry you can’t damage it with tightening but it needs to be way tighter than you have it.