One Drop - Project Two - Review

Not many sequels are as good or better than original. Temple of Doom? Not as good as Raiders. The same is true of the Matrix, and the Karate Kid. Even Legally Blond was much better then Legally Blond 2…. Not that I watched it…… or own the DVDs……. (My wife’s, I swear). My point is that most of the time, a company’s see a success, and tries to capitalize off of it by messing with what already was a winning formula. Then, there are sequels that break the mold. Sequels like The Godfather II, Die Hard 2, Return of the Jedi, and Back to the Future II. They take the winning formula, and some of what customers want to see next. Add in some surprises and “BOOM”, it works. When it comes to sequels, you can tell when the creators are just trying to make a quick buck, and when they are honestly trying to “wow” you again. Sequels in yoyo’s are no different, and in June, the yo-yo world will have a chance at the Project 2. In this case, the Project 2 is something that the OneDrop guys want to “wow” you with.

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I <3 your reviews!

Very funny and well spoken.

nice review!

I want this yoyo soo bad that i will have to pick a flower bed full of weeds the perimeter of a resturant to get 100 bucks so i can buy it :(. I love your reviews by the way, can’t get enough of them ;D.

I hope I will get enough money for my B-day. I want it.

I really hope I win one in the One Drop contest. Too bad there are so many other good photos there.

Addment: Still, I think I might have a chance.

I have to make some photos for contest too. Have you alredy uploaded your photos?

Getting off-topic, but yes:

I just put mine up ;D