One Drop P2

I originally posted this thread on YYN. My profile Berntmetal has 9 positive trader feedback.

I have a Rim satined P2 here that is in very good condition, couple small scuffs along the rims which has for the most part been buffed out.

[b] If you are interested please PM me, as I will probably not notice any responses to this post.[b]

Rim-Satined P2: $40 Dead Smooth, couple small scuffs.

PM me if interested, thanks for looking!

I will ask a dumb question can i have at least 1 yoyo for free i know you wont but just asking

Sent you a pm

Please don’t post things like "PM sent " as it bumps the thread.

I think you’ll find the best way to contact a seller/trader is via PM but telling him/her you’ve done so isn’t necessary.


Hardbox and Aquarius gone.