One Drop M1 (Affogato de Lotiempo colorway)


Which side do you like? Vote above or comment below!


I like the swirls, more interesting things going on in the left…better colors.

(SlimJoe) #3

For those wondering, it’s a "Affogato de Lotiempo " M1.

(G2 Jake) #4

Left :slight_smile:


Fixed! Thanks! I prefer the swirled side better as well. Thanks for the hook up Jake! I’m sure you’ll notice two more throws I’ll be putting up here in the next few days :wink:


Left. One of my all time favorite yoyo colorways


One of my favorite colors(and desserts) ever.


Someone finally gave that right side a little love. I thought this one might be a shut out. :smiley:



(Erik Kerber ) #10