One Drop - Code 2 - YoyoExpert Edition

Vote on which side of my Code 2 looks best:
Code2 YYE Edition by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

I went left, but I really like the right side too. how does the code 2 play?

You don’t have a Code 2? Awe man…buy one this instant…it’s that good. I have a few, and want at least one more. Is it just me, or does the white splash on the right side look like a mitten/boxing glove at about 4 o’clock?

Yes you are right, and it looks like it just swiped across the SE.

Oh no. Now we’re going to start looking at splashes as Rorschach tests. My answers to the standard Rorschach ink blot test are A, a bat, B, a bat, C, a bat, and D, my father killing my mother with a hypodermic needle. ;D

I wish I got a splash that looked like a bat…that would be awesome. Right up my alley. :smiley: The splash game, Rorschach for yo-yoers. :wink:

One other thing that this code 2 confirmed to me is that I don’t like splashes so much that contain the same color as a logo or engraving. When the splash goes across the name here, particularly on the right side, it really detracts from the ‘coolness’ to me because now you have half a name that’s legible. Although I don’t have a problem with calling a yoyo ‘tilus’ I think it just looks a little odd. Because of the random nature of the splash on the left I feel I can read it better, although I think I’d still prefer the white part of the splash to avoid the name.

And I don’t own a code 2 either :wink:

I should also add that I’ve voted on all of these, great game TA!!! Oh and sweeeeet throws :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the great feedback, and for playing too, I’ll be adding more and more too. New updates tonight. :wink: Well put about the splash too. I feel the same way about the splash covering the name, sometimes it turns out okay, but other times it just looks like…what was the point?


Actually might have to say left on this one. Yes, despite a heavier splash. I love both though.

Yeah, just gotta love the pattern on the left. :wink: