one drop code 2 or benchmark v shaped?


is the code 2 really worth the extra 40$?


I really like my Code 2, it plays solid but can go fast. The Soda edition grinds well.


I have both, I like the Code 2 better, spins longer, wider, has more heft to it and is more solid. The Benchmark V is an awesome throw too, it just doesnt spin for quite as long, but I cant think of anything negative to say about either of them, they are both dead smooth, both worth the $.

I would say get a Benchmark V first, or if you want a Code 2 you can find solid colored ones with some damage for as low as $50 on BST, just takes some time to look for them, there is a big gap between splash and solid colors pricewise, solids arent as sought after so they are quite a bit cheaper on BST, esp with damage, as long as its smooth it doesnt matter to me but you might be a bit more picky =).


Of you have the money, go for the code 2