One drop Chik


What up with the Chik, no option to buy :o i wantto see how much this thing costs


My page loads but there is no option to buy it.


The main One drop Page has it listed at $88.00, but you are correct, there is no buy button on the chik page ???


It’s working now yay! :slight_smile:


Darn… My guess was $110, it looked like a winner :smiley:

…well… On my wants list it goes ;D that makes 32… Haha


So you wont buy it cus’ its less than $110 ???


He means he guessed it was going to cost that much. He wouldn’t be able to afford it anyways.


Yup, he’s got it… I assumed it was going to be $95-$110 , i wouldnt be able to afford it anyways… Drop the price $70 then I’d snatch it in a heartbeat lol

I only got a little under 20 at the moment :-\


I just ordered a Green one!


Our UK store’s purple ones sold out within hours for some reason, so I’ve ordered a purple one off here. For $88.00, how could I say no?

I remember back in the day when I had like 3 throws and I CONVINCED myself that I wasn’t going to buy any more… lawl.


Waiting for Splashes. If they keep the splashes under $100, or even $105, then that’ll be great.


I was the same way… But the temptation is too much :smiley: