One Drop Cascade Probelm?

I just got a cascade and when I opened the box and looked at it the colorway(pancakes) was a bit dull and had tons of scratches… Is that normal for the community since I am planning to get a yelets soon and don’t want to be disapointed again.

Not normal.
I would return it to the retailer.

Never heard of that, not sure what color that is, but you sure it isnt marks you can rub off or silver anno? If it isnt send it back where you bought it.

As obvious as this is, I’m just going to verify here…you DID purchase it brand new from a store and not off the bst…right?

Yes if it is used then the seller should have told you

Um I bought it from here.(yye). Color is pancakes,and you can’t rub it off really…

Ok, simple solution would be to contact YYE, their customer service is top notch and they will get you taken care of.

I did but I seemed to lost the order number BUT I did buy it off yye and have vouches for it. :slight_smile:
Hmm… Maybe I should refund and get a yelets instead…
How do you guys think the Yelets is?(Thinking of getting a thunderbolt,crime scene, or skygrass off Billy Bob’s Bait and Tackle whatever… which colorway?) >:D

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Please don’t mention other store’s names here. Just a courtesy thing.


Whoops I forgot again -_-

So what should I do?

DIdnt you use an email or use an ccount to purchase? If so it will say if you login or look on email what the order number is

Oh okay then.