I'll trade you 2 for 1 LF Cascade!


If buying, add $5 for shipping. Prices are negotiable, and I can give discounts if you buy more than one.

I really want a cascade again! I’ll trade both metals for a mint/near mint cascade, as these do not get enough play time.


I have a spyy pro, few dings on one side (none that are really big). The other half has some scuffs. Pretty smooth, not dead smooth, but can be tuned to be pretty close. If you want more pics just message me.


Yyf equilateral. Nm if not mint condition. Pretty smooth. Mirror caps covers taken off, pretty shiny still though.


Misc. plastics:

Gold protostar-messed up spacers, couple of scuffs works like new otherwise. $10
Blue/red protostar-crack in the blue side, couple of scuffs, plays fine. $10
Speedaholic-sorta vibey but i think no dings. $5
2x loop900s-both have cracks by the place where you adjust the gap width, work fine though. $10 each.







i have a mint cascade with a very unique color way i paid $150 for and they only made 10 of this color if interested but i would want something really nice in return for it, with no dings or scratches. I really don’t want to part with it cause i absolutely love the color of it, but very seldom play with it. Let me know what all you have and i may trade it. I don’t want you trading me a bunch of random stuff that you don’t like for it as it is a fantastic yoyo and i paid a lot of money for it. They only made 10 pieces in this color.


Please pm me if you have offers. Bump

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