One Drop Cascade: A High Speed YoYo Review

I took my son to see Willy Wonka yesterday, the good version, not the Johnny Depp version. Yes, that is the reason why this review is a day late. There is a scene in that movie where Wonka and the kids go into his invention room where all these crazy experiments are going on. All of them are strange and some seem to be going horribly wrong but in the end you know that Wonka is a genius and that he, along with his Oompa Loompas are going to make them all work. That is a perfect analogy for One Drop. Shawn and David fill the Wonka role to a tee, hunkered around their oddly named machines in the shop. They also have their various Oompa Loompas, both in house and out, giving the vital advice needed to keep the experiments going. If you need proof of this, look no further than their latest release, the Cascade. On the One Drop site it is stated that the first version was almost scrapped because there was “vigorous debate” about it. Enter Justin LoTempio, Oompa Loompa number one, to give some advice and the first revision was born. This version was well received so it went into prototyping and sent off to the team members. This is where Mark Montgomery, Oompa Loompa number two, comes in and gives even more advice. The second revision is made based off of this advice and became the shipping version that I have in my hands today.

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“She called me words and that was that.”
Great line. Made me laugh.