One Drop Gradient: A High Speed YoYo Review


Man, this has been a long time coming… I finally get to review Graeme Steller’s signature yo-yo. We all have those players that we love to watch perform. Most of the time those are well-established names that have been hallmarks in the community for many years, such as Ed Haponik, Augie Fash, Mark Montgomery. Then there are the younger stars, like Graeme, who most of us have watched grow up in the community. It is amazing to see their level of skill and confidence grow. There are many that remember Graeme back around the start of the decade as the winner of the ILYY Liopleurodon on String Burn Live. The reason WHY he was so memorable then was because he promised that if he won he would make and publish a video of himself wearing a Teletubby costume while throwing the yo-yo; which he did.* From that time he has gone from high school novice to a pro, sponsored player in the community who is currently juggling his time between practice, competitions, a social life, and his studies at John Hopkins University. As I said above, today I get to look at Graeme’s signature yo-yo, the One Drop Gradient. A yo-yo that I know he has been looking forward to for years and a yo-yo that he put on hold back in January when One Drop originally asked to make it so that he could devote all his time to his studies and then come out and give his undivided attention to this project. Well, enough reminiscing about the past, lets dig in and see how the Gradient stacks up.

*The Teletubby video is at the end of this review.

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Very nice Chris :slight_smile: another winner from One Drop.


I got my hands on a Gradient and it is indeed a very nice yo yo. I enjoy your reviews as always.


I got my hands on a Gradient and it is indeed a very nice yo yo. I enjoy your reviews as always.


That’s some seriously FUZZY string in the attached photo…



That is the price you pay when you play the heck out of a yo-yo. :slight_smile:


I just noticed OD sent you a green one, the one color I wanted. I think David and Paul are teasing me lol


When they asked me if I wanted to review the Gradient they gave me me my choice of whatever color I wanted. I went with green, the stock blue spikes look great with it.


Well you picked the right color, the green looks spectacular.


I like how the spikes aren’t all grey. The blue Gradient comes with blue spikes. Some have silver. A nice change from the benchmarks.


Chris’s review photos always have a seriously fuzzy string in them. :slight_smile: It wouldn’t be a HSYY Review photo without the fuzzy string! :wink:

Nice review. I played a proto at NER and loved it. Will be getting one of these for sure. Anybody know what colour spikes the red will come with? :wink:


Man, love it. This is definitely placed on first class. Superb review.