One Drop and ILYY Sakura SE: A High Speed YoYo Review

I will make no bones about it; the ILYY Sakura is one of my favorites from the company. It is totally underrated and I find that to be a complete shame. It was the third yo-yo design completely dreamed up by Frank over at ILYY and I found it to play like amazingly. My only two critiques were the finish and the spikes… both of which were completely minor quibbles. At the end of the day the Sakura vexed me in the fact that ILYY has done updates to quite a few of their designs yet the one I wanted them to tweak and rerelease never seemed to be on their radar, until now. While talking with David over at One Drop it seems that this closely guarded secret had actually been in the works for about a year now… A YEAR. I, like many others, was completely floored when this was suddenly announced. No prototypes, CADs, or test runs were shown. No hint of any kind was announced until February 12th when a close up of a fully assembled and anodized, yet unidentifiable, Sakura SE was shown on the One Drop Facebook page. A week and a day later the curtain was lifted to reveal the colorways and details for this limited release of 200 pieces. Now I guess it is time to see if this is the Sakura update I have been pining for over the last two years.

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So… by using ultralight side effects it would bring it back to the original Sakura base weight.

Roughly yes, but the added 0.4 gram increase is almost completely unnoticeable.

Had to get some Action Shots of the Broken Hearts Sakura SE:

In the second picture it looks like there isonly one thread left holding up the yoyo.

I love that shot. It does look like it will fly off at a moment’s notice. :slight_smile:

Its an incredible picture

Thanks, I love those action shots even if they are a pain to get. Half the fun is the hassle. Check out the action shot in the Yelets review, I can assure you that the little bugger was spinning.