One and a Half Mount Laceration slow motion tutorial


Here’s my new tutorial for the one and a half mount laceration:

Comment and feedback appreciated; will also answer any questions. Happy yoyoing! :slight_smile:


Really neat. That immediately goes on my “practice a bit daily” list. :slight_smile:


this one was a head scratcher for me, thanks for posting!


Can you make another video just like this one for the GT laceration? I love the editing and pausing! Great video!


Sweet got it first try!


The only 1.5 laceration that I’ve ever done is one that lands you in a cross armed 1.5 mount


dude you are awesome … more Laceration pls ;D

Got this one under my belt.

(Jei Cheetah) #8


Nice video and tutorial. Although I feel it is important to point out that the official “One and a half mount laceration” is actually done by allowing the loop to fall into the yoyo’s gap, then placing your finger into the formed loop. This method is essentially a "lazy/false laceration version of an actual laceration which a lot of kids started doing.

Otherwise, thanks for the tut, I am sure some may find it helpful, just wanted to point out that technicality.




Keep up the awesome tutorials!


I haven’t seen a “real” 1.5 laceration, but I know that there’s a difference between a “real” trapeze laceration and the fake ones that I do:

The “fake” ones look cooler, feel more fun and exciting to do, and are more consistently reproducible. :wink:

Couldn’t say if the same is true about this 1.5; it certainly looks cool but I don’t have a “real” one to compare it to.


cool trick , nice video. I picked it up quick.


Nice tutorial!

If I’m not mistaken a “real” 1.5 would be one whole slack thrown instead of moving your TH finger in and around the yoyo. They surely would look a bit different, at least in my head. :wink:


You are actually the one who got me into trying to learn this laceration a year or so ago when I watched this video of yours. Thanks


The skills in that video were legit.


I actually didn’t know that until now… So thanks for bringing that up. I just came across this concept of the one and a half mount laceration (the lazy way I guess lol) so I decided to make a tutorial. That’s interesting to know, though.


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Uh, the link works fine. No need to be fix’d.


I don’t really know why people fix links when they work, but ok :P.
Yeah, if you just click the “insert flash” button when posting a video it correctly links the video to YouTube without any problems.


Not all YouTube videos are natively Flash, and inserting Flash won’t work on iOS devices. Maybe that’s why some of the links are getting “fixed”?

Be curious to know what the alleged symptoms of the “broken” link are.

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Just bumping this to mention that for those who wanted to see what a “real” 1.5 laceration looked like, I had some trouble finding a video of it, but I finally found a pretty good example here: at 2:22

Just thought some might be interested to see it.