On the topic of counterweights and holsters

I have no idea if this goes on the mod forum. Seemed like the most appropriate place…

So, I really like the idea of yoyo holesters. It both displays your yoyo and unclutters your pockets. However, there was always one problem with them that always bothered me.

There was no place to put the counterweight!

In a regular holster, the counterweight would hang below the yoyo, swinging everywhere, unraveling, and just generally being a pain.

So, after some thought, I came up with this design. It’s a piece of wood that slides onto pretty much any carabiner. It has two hooks that hold the counterweight (Duncan Dice, that is) in such a way that it easily slides in and out, but won’t slip out walking, running, jumping, turning quickly, etc.



Without the yoyo


The design isn’t intrusive and doesn’t interfere with normal holster use.

This is just a proof of concept that doesn’t look very good. I’m not the best wood shaper. Hopefully I’ll have a nicer one soon - I can finally use a holster!

Hopefully this is something the makers of the more fancy holsters will consider.

Let me know what you think!

Pretty neat, but if you snug up traditional holsters, does the counterweight really unravel and flop about?

yeah I have tried stuff over the years and haven’t found anything that works perfect. :frowning:
Right now I am using one of those large leather holsters, and it holds most of my yoyos well enough to keep the dice wrapped up around the yoyo. Still would like a little spot to put it though. Not sure I would use your design largely because I would likely rip my belt loop off on something a long the lines. How ever it is cool to see someone is trying to fix the problem. :slight_smile: Good luck bud. If you can figure out a way to keep that thing from hooking other stuff I would be into it.

A simple fabric pouch that’s “slinky” enough that your CW will sink down into it… one eyelet/grommet large enough for the “attach to caribiner” idea (or just a fabric loop) and you’re golden.

The idea of this design is that you can easy set / remove the counterweight easily with one hand. The counterweight really just falls into the hooks. It seems with a pouch it would be much more fiddly.

As for the counterweight unwinding, it depends on the hold. Some do, some don’t. However, if the string is too short, the counterweight tends to bang on the yoyo, which with a metal can make a quite annoying bell sound. Too long and the counterweight swings around too much. Plus, it can be annoying to wind the counterwight around the yoyo enough to holster it (remember that the counterweight is 3-5 inches away from the yoyo when normally held)

The hooks sit flat against your pants. It’s much less intrusive than you would think; it falls to the bottom of the carabiner and stays there.

Here’s a picture of the holster while being worn


Ignore the messy background…

The pouch would be slinky and open at the top. Put your fingers under the bag itself, lift, and the CW should just pop out the top.

the pouch idea is interesting. I have always though of something more like a lether cup. one you could just drop it into. in my head it looks like a pocket on a tool belt but much smaller.
Yeah that is cool it lays against your leg but I snag my yoyo on a regular basis, its not a hook so normally it just catch’s a bit then swings out and away from what ever it caught on. I am a custodian an squeeze into all kinds of sucky places, and lay over things like plastic fold up theater seats lots of times a day. I’m sure for others it getting caught wouldn’t be such a problem. Then again not trying it I don’t know how much of a problem it would be for me. Just what jumps out when I see the design. I would assume if the counterweight is in it, the snagging would be much less of a problem.