On the news

(Q) #1

At the state fair, I was chosen to be on the news for my yoyoing talents.

Don’t judge my tricks or anything, it was just kind of a neat little expose’.

I’m the guy with an overshirt on.



congrats dude! i wish i could go on the news :frowning:

(M²) #3

Cool, was the other guy a friend of yours?



What are you throwing in this?


isnt that funny they named it yoyo experts :wink:

and dude nice sideburns :stuck_out_tongue:

(Q) #6


He won the contest that we were at when the news decided to pick us up. He was really good. Cool kid too. Watch for him.

I try

(Kei) #7

Nice bro! Congrats!


Ahhhh, I knew it looked familiar


Great stuff Q. Really nice job.

(DOGS) #10

The link brings me to a different video nevermind I found it

(laxdude99) #11

Congrats for being in the news


wow… i want in! :slight_smile: