On getting back into yoyoing: a suggestion thread


I started yoyoing way way back in 2006 when I picked up a YYF FAST 201. I stumbled upon a local yoyo club and throughout the next few years got better and better. I went to the PNWR competition in 2010 and competed in Sport Ladder. And then, in 2011, I got the best yoyo I have ever thrown. I picked up an ILYY Falcon and loved it to death. It was my go to yoyo for 6 months. I also picked up a Noctu, since it was the yoyo that piqued my interest in ILYY, but it just didn’t compare to the Falcon. Then one day, my Falcon fell out of it’s carrying pouch, never to be seen again. I didn’t really yoyo much after that, until a few weeks ago, when I started the cycle over again by purchasing a YYF WHiP on a whim. I’ve been breaking in my Noctu again, but I want something a little softer, a little smoother, something more like my Falcon. I noticed that the Nile is just about as wide as my Falcon was, though a bit larger in diameter. The VOID is interesting as well.

TL;DR: Basically, I’m looking for recommendations for a yoyo that is smooth and wide. I have a strong appreciation for ILYY in particular. Suggestions?

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If you appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of ILYY, you would appreciate One Drop and General Yo yoyos for their sheer smoothness and overall quality (which is similar to ILYY), and One Drop has some great wide selections you could take a look at. You don’t see too many ILYY yoyos anymore, unfortunately.


I’m eyeing the Nile that’s in the YYE store.
I loved the “Candodized” finish on my falcon, and was kinda disappointed in the candyblast finish on my Noctu. Is there anything from One Drop or General Yo with a similarly smooth finish?


I think the pearskin finishes of yoyomonster come somewhat close to the candodized but it’s been a while since I owned a candodized yoyo.

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General-Yo. 'Nuff said.


Lynx was one of my favorite ILYY models. Feels a lot like the Peak.


I know stores with Lios, Lynxs, Falcons 2011 candy blast, and OG Sakuras. PM me.