PAYPAL ONLY most of the time

I want a 2nd gen Protostar. That means the ones with the tuning arrows on the rims. I also require that the spacers have not been removed yet, but if so I want the Protostar to be smooth as heck or have little vibe. That means no freaking visible wobble. Now that we have all the bases covered, let’s be friends.

I also have Shure EC something. I don’t remember because I bought them last summer. White in color, which is discontinued. Very awesome sound, and comes with all inserts except for foams because they’re already used up. The left side acts up every now and then, but it still works well. Will let go for $20 or for Sunsets, which is at least $50 off of retail price!


$25 shipped w/ an extra, identical cap to replace the cracked cap. Minty; smooth as smooth can be; godly. Get at me.

I want a Protostar! Conditions of this is that you must have not removed any of the spacers AT ALL. Or, the spacers must fit into the seats without any problems. That means that they do not insert themselves all crooked like.If you offer a blue or yellow Protostar I’ll send a pair of mint Duncan Pulses!

Also looking for…
-Sunsets (most colors except for white and black) This means one pair please[/s]

that’s a hayabusa.

You’ve gotta be kidding so hard right now.

i think it’s a hayabusa cap on a free hand.

this may sound stupid, but what is highwalled?

highwalled is were the wall right next to the bearing is cut to be higher. U know the how the sides usually curve into the bearing most of the way. Well highwalling would make it mor flat. It usually preferd for 5a but it’s good on some other styles as well.

I’ve never heard of anybody preferring it for 5A, but I do love the tighter play and binds.

Want Protostar