OMG!!! My two new favorite tricks!!!

I don’t know if you guys have ever seen Raytsh before, but he is INSANE!!!

These have fast become my two favorite tricks to do. I only have them each about 70% memorized, mainly because of soooooo many steps lol, but enjoy!!

If your bored, try to learn these lol. That’ll kill some time!

How does he get that long of a sleeper? Dude, that is some crazy long stuff. I’m not even going to atempt to do that. If you ever do the whole thing, then you should post a video of it here.

Its most likely his throw.

Anyway, yeah, raytsh’s videos are awesome. A while back, I learned all of Soiled Panties except the last part. I think I’m gonna get back to that :wink:

Also, I never saw the Quantum trick. Thanks for the find, I’m gonna learn it :smiley:

No problem man, and yes, I don’t know if you know who Raytsh is, he is the guy who makes ILOVEYOYO, his latest is the Noctu. It’s an awesome looking yoyo. Its not just his throw, it’s the string alignment. When your string alignment is right, the yoyo doesn’t slow down as much.  And, I can actually get through all the tricks, just can’t remember all the moves without watching the video. Lol!

Edit: Here’s 2 more I love

yeah, Raytish’s tricks are awesome, I learned Hongu, Quantum, Superman,
and Akira from Raytish. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

I baisicly got soiled panties down

PS i put a modified version of it in my battle vid >_>

Meh, I never really liked the way raytsh does his soiled panties, It just doesn’t capture the same aura as when Yuuki does it.

I dunno.


Lol, after that vid I agree. But in all fairness, everything Yuuki doe’s has a certain style and flare to it!! He is freakin amazing!!

In Quantum it looks like hes using a Senza Gnome lol

He is.

I agree with Palli. I can’t stand the way Raytsh performs most of his tricks.