Anyone watching the olympics? USA isn’t off to a great start. What sport are you watching?

mens road race and swimming.


womens volleyball :)))))))

track and field… emphasis on the field… mostly throwing :slight_smile:

Women’s volleyball.

Table Tennis.

Diving and swimming are my favs.
EDIT: Oh yeah, Gymnastics too. :slight_smile:

Finally, USA is going to win something mens volleyball. Its fun to watch something I never play.

Yeah, I was watching it, the beat SBR. Or something like that, I forget. :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw them score 25 points, and was like “WHOOOOO USA!!!”. But apparently you have to win best out of 5. It looks like they’ll still win though.

Yeah, we were talking about that also, so much play time.

But makes sense, why go over seas for one game? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was offered the chance to play one game of some sport in the Olympics, I would totally go. Free travel, meet new people, get famous (unless you do some weird sport), and represent your country in the games of all games.

If you could play in the Olypics, whih sport would you want to play? Also you would gain incredible skills at this sport.

I would probably play basketball for the US. Basketball is a pretty universal sport, but is respected much more in America. Soccer is more universal, but seriously, I don’t think anyone at my school/anyone would care if I played soccer. Soccer is loads of fun, but B-Ball skills would be cooler. My basketball nickname would either be Dr. Dunkenstein or Count Dunkula.

Yes! Pro table tennis is pretty intense. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like watching track and field. Mostly long distanace track stuff and I like some field events. And a little bit of basketball.

They dont play much of the shooting sports :frowning:

Watching diving. The Asians are amazing at this

About half of what goes through my mind about generally everything is this.

we’re destroying Brazil at volleyball :slight_smile:

What was the result of womens beach volleyball? I really hope USA didn’t lose a set.

Nooooo! Phelps got fourth. At least Lochte was from USA though . .