Olive oil


I’m kind of new on this forum and I don’t know if everybody does that but I use olive oil to lube my yoyo and it works. So if there is anybody who had a bad experience using olive oil it would be appreciate to tell me so I could stop using it.



That sure is funny. Im leaning back not to try because I only have like 2 bearings. So ya. :smiley:


Olive oil, like most cooking oil will tend to turn rancid. best to use a synthetic or petroleum based oil.


Is it gonna affect my yoyo play? And what kind of synthetic oil do we use?


Choices run from trumpet oil, fishing rod oil, gun oil. One particular brand is Synco Superlube.


Thank you!!:grinning:


Or you could just get a bottle of thin lube :smiley:


What is the normal interval I should be lubing my yoyo?

With synthetic oil :slight_smile:


Lubing is not always needed. I in fact never lube my bearings, but you should do it after you clean it out and let it dry. The only time you need to clean it is when it stops spinning well, so lubing is not something one should do, unless the bearing doesn’t work right.


But I use a responsive yoyo (yomega fireball ).


If needed, maybe a half a drop every 2-3 months, assuming a shielded bearing. A tiny little bit goes a LONG ways.

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For transaxle like fireball 3 in 1 lube will do, or baby oil. Don’t use cooking/vegetable oil it may melt the plastic (it happened on me before on another yoyo), they are supposed to be heated not to prevent heat in the first place.


3 in 1 would work well for responsive play. Another another great alternative for unresponsive play, which I’m surprised no one has mentioned yet (unless, I just missed it), is sewing machine oil. It’s basically the same as YYF thin lube, and you can get a much bigger bottle for around the same price. :slight_smile:


This is a matter of choice. If you play responsive, lube when the response starts to go down


Is it possible I have to lube it every hour (for responsive play)?


For most people, that seems a little extreme. What kind of oil did you end up using? If you’re lubricating with thin lube, it might be possible that it stops playing as responsively as you would like it to as soon as that extra lube works it’s way out of your bearing during play, since putting too much thin lube will make any bearing play responsively for a while. With a sufficiently thick lube your bearing should stay responsive for weeks, if not months.

If you’re using a lube that isn’t yoyo-specific, it can be hard to tell how thick it is compared to a product that was designed for yoyos. A thick lube should have noticeable thickness to it, not quite as thick as corn syrup or warm honey and flow relatively slowly, while a thin lube about the same consistency as water, but with incredible wicking ability (the neck of my bottle of thin lube always seems to have lube on it, even though i’m very careful to keep it all in the bottle). So, if you put a big dab of lube on a table and stick a paper clip in it, it a nice little glob stick to it, you’ve got yourself a thicker lube. If only a tiny little bead sticks to it, it’s a thinner lube. That being said, you’ve got to use a thick lube for your unresponsive yoyo to stay reliably unresponsive.


I used bicycle oil and used chainsaw oil without success.


Is this extra virgin olive oil? I think it would be bit more costly to use any type of cooking oil, especially olive oil. Try and grab some yyj thick lube for responsive play or use sewing machine oil. You can probably use the oil that comes with hair clippers also.


3 in 1 oil is what I use exclusively for looping yoyos. It’s about $1 at walmart, and 1 bottle with last you pretty much forever. You’ll never have to lube a fireball every hour to make it responsive, as even with a clean bearing, the small gap and starburst response will still make it moderately responsive.

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Honestly fireball’s transaxle went unresponsive too easily, use vaseline grease or wax on them, it’ll last for a while. I’d recommend getting a raider (basically bearing version of fireball), they are more consistent, or get raider axle+spacers+bearing into your fireball.