Older yoyojam models cracking?

I get one of my old throws out to show it some love, and this is how you repay me!?


sadtimes :frowning:

Older yoyojam have cracking issues, hence why they ended up being discontinued.
I loved the shape of the spinmaster series though, I wish that yoyojam would make more yoyo of this shape.

Also, notice the name, are you Paul Sargent? I remember seeing your world 1A freestyle in 2004 and it inspired me to keep yoyoing seeing a younger kid placing in 1A finals, literally it kept me going to continue to strive to be better in hopes to final for 1A also. awesome to see you still around in the yoyo world! :slight_smile:

Same thing happened to me with my X-Con and my Black Knight. I was not happy at all to say the least.

yeaah thats me, wow im amazed anyone remembers, and really good to hear you it had such a positive effect on you :slight_smile: , I was absolutely wetting myself:
I was in finals because I was seeded from UK nationals. that UK nats was the first contest I had ever been to, and there were maybe 3 other people freestyling (we’ve come a loooong way since then)
so to fastforward like 2 months and find myself on stage (for the second time ever) in front of 500 world class players and internet yoyo stars that I never thought i’d meet in real life was a bit of a shock to the system.
absolutley loved it though, one of the best weekends of my life.

Im literally scared to pick up the hitman I was using back then, it looks like its going to disintergrate!

Your wish … is coming true. :sparkles::mage:



I’m excited, but from the one pic I’ve seen (this one), it seems like those rings could be more than happy to remove themselves with a good impact.

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