Old vs new jackrabbit ano


Was wondering if anyone has pictures of the old jackrabbit ano vs the newer jackrabbit ano. Trying to identify.


Well, this is the Jack Rabbit ano on my Bonfire. Since I wasn’t even aware🤓 There were 2 different Jack Rabbits; I don’t know which this one is? But it’s one of them for sure>


Well on the summit, it seems there’s. Jr that has a lighter pink splash and the clear wash almost comes off orangish pink. Same with the wooly. And then you have others that are straight black and silver with a darker pink. And everything in between. Wanted to know which was which and see how they look.


Anyone got jackrabbits out there? I know you do…

Hate when that happens yoyodoc

(Steve Brown) #5

It’s not really an “older vs newer” thing. It varies (sometimes greatly) from run to run.