Old versus new batsquatch comparison

Maybe this is on here somewhere I don’t know. I only have played the original batsquatch and it’s one of my favorite throws probably top three. Has anybody played both? if so what do you think of the new one compared to the original?

Better or worse?


Only difference is weight.

The new Bat is lighter.

It’s a little ‘quicker’.

The new Bat has a little more float. And the OG has a slightly more solid feel.


That’s what I figured. But I’m such a fan of the original it seems wrong to have changed it. I feel like it should’ve been called something else and I’m not a fan of light or yo-yos but I bet it still plays really well

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I haven’t played the heavier one just the new one and while I like it the extra two grams would have been really nice for my own personal taste

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I haven’t played the OG version either but I also have the new one. It’s definitely light, even for a bi-metal, but I can’t really tell when I’m playing it on the string. It spins forever, stable for an organic, and definitely quick with a little float factor. I think it’s because somehow they cut 2 grams of weight while keeping the rim weight exactly the same on both versions, so its more center weight that was cut it seems which I’m not noticing as a huge negative. I would love to try the heavier version though to compare.


It’s definitely worth it to play the original. It’s phenomenal. Something that can’t be explained. One throw will redefine every idea of what an organic, a bimetal, and smoothness can be


My new model is incredibly smooth after I swapped its bearing and tunes it up a bit . Like smoother than my yo-yo recreations

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