new sasquatch


Who snagged one at the release guys? what color ways did you get if youve gotten them what do you think? i got mine the next day at ohio states and snagged an ash berry one. plays great. my only real complaint was the bearing it jst felt weird to me so i switched it out for a onedrop ten ball and it plays exactly how i want it too smooth and laid back. What are your guys thoughts?


Mine arrived today and it plays amazingly.


I bought one as well and have noticed that it weighs almost a half gram lighter than the earlier version I own.

All the earlier versions weigh in around 68.2 - 68.9 grams, but the newest version weighs in at an even 68.0 grams. It sounds insignificant, but you really notice it on the string.
I was also informed they moved the weight around a little bit, but I have yet to understand what exactly they have moved, and to where, but you can feel a change for sure.

All in all, I love the new version, but they certainly managed to give it a different feel with just some very modest modifications.

Anyone else have the opportunity to compare the old to the new ?


I’ve shown some photos of mine already. I got one really early at NER. It’s a beauty, and it plays great. Sorry, I don’t have the original for a comparison. But, I’m looking to change that. :wink: by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


From the release announcement:

“This full-sized return top is just a hair wider than the original, less than one millimeter, but the response area has been carved out a bit to accept Snow Tires and the weight was pushed outward just a little…enough to make a noticeable difference in increased speed, spin time and stability.”

I took “outward” to mean towards the rim. Would make sense with the differences in play they mentioned. But I’ve never played an OG Sasquatch.

Just carving out for snow tires alone would cause it to be slightly lighter and the average weight distribution to be pushed out. shrugs


Oh, I should mention, I bought an Ashberry. The colorway was a last-second decision and I couldn’t be happier, it’s very pretty. And it plays fantastically! One of my favorite CLYWs so far of the ones I’ve tried.



Thanks for the edification on the specs.

TA’s beautiful pictures inspired me to post my Sasquatch collection. They are all over the map as far as weight is concerned. Ranging from 68.2 to 69.1. As stated earlier, the new version is 68.0. (Jack Rabbit)
I have not found a real preference to be honest, they all throw great !! I have always loved the Sas.

BTW basepi: Great profile name. I have not heard that term since college calculus class, which was many decades ago for me ;-(


Stickman’s yoyo collection is the kind of thing that dreams are made of.


Wow, thanks Stickman! That Jack Rabbit sure is especially photogenic, and those photos are amazing.

By the way, I see a red one with some black speckles that looks awesome. If you ever want to sell that one, let me know. :wink:



It’s maybe the nicest Jack Rabbit I’ve ever seen. I love it. WOW.


@T.A. - I’ve seen a double loop on your bearing before and in the picture of your 28stories Sas. Do you play with it like that? I’ve just been wondering that for a bit.

Also the redbike Sasquatch looks sweet!


Beautiful collection!

And thanks, I was happy to finally find a name which is usually pretty available, has some less-than-obvious meaning, and wasn’t embarrassing (My old username was crakdmirror). It’s definitely not a reasonable or useful number system, but it’s cool to think about (and about the only time it comes up is as a joke in college math or computer science classes. =P)

Though I do get called bah-sep-ee a lot, but that’s fine. =)


I got the black with green speckle and it looks amazing. I only own 2 CLYW’s (sas and summit) and I cant tell which one I prefer. I would say it’s good for making up combos and practice much like the avalanche.


Yes, I still play it that way. I thought of reversing the trend, but nah. I’m not ready to let it go. ;D The photos will always have my signature.

(major_seventh) #15

I could never play like that lol. Knuckles would be bleeding by the end.