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Pretty lights.

nope not lights…but somthing like that lol :smiley:

I see a bull

nope getting HOTTER!!!hehe think alive… ;D

caribou antlers?? that would be hilarious!

Dude, I see you covered the “outer glow” pretty well in class, lol.

Fantastic, and I mean FANTASTIC work!

I would change the transparency of the YYF logo to a little more opaque, but that’s just personal style I guess.

Yep haha…the logo was put behind one of the glow layers…the logo is actually 100% opaque, I was trying to make it look like the glow is comming out of the logo…haha I’m loving photoshop, layers layers layers…thanks…


Lol. jk but seriously thats awesome.

caribou lodge yoyo works (the antlers of a caribou)

THE ANSWER IS A “HUMAN BEING”…You see the 2 eyes towards the bottom…the top half is his mind and all the feelings, emotions. It’s my version of human life and existance. ;D and the YYF logo…

Guess what? it happened randomly…(weird???)


oh yeah i see it now, thats sick! xD

Still to big imo

Haha I know…damn the new ones that are comming out are going to be smaller…haha

whats that mean

my head just went boom

from wikipedia-
An enigma is a type of riddle generally expressed in metaphorical or allegorical language that requires ingenuity and careful thinking for its solution

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Makes sense doesn’t it…

The thing is I didn’t even know what “enigma” meant…even when I came up with the name “enigma of the mind” I didn’t even know what it ment…
In the end it came together somehow…

Weird stuff…

Haha, that’s awesome! ;D