CLYW Crazy!

Like Duncan Crazy, but with CLYW yoyos!

Specually made for Logan and Zach!

Hope youl ike it!

That’s cool. :o


Can I get a heckerdoodle yes? That is so cool. I love it a lot. I love CLYW <3

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Glad you like it Zach.

Glad to see you stop by YYE every once in a while, I thought you left.

Mine! hehehe. JK.

Can you make a YYF Crazy?

I’ll probably put it as my background if JM doesn’t do the Crazy 8 thing with the Dv888, haha.

I just…knew you would ask, and I was kind of trying to get ideas for one.

I’ll try to get it done by tonight.

Wow, I really appreciate this.
I looooooove CLYW.

Next time I see you, I have got to give you something for free.

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Yeah man, I made this with you in mind, as I know you love CLYW.

I see a YYF.

lol, that’s a YYFxCLYW.

If you search up “Caribou Lodge” on the Nation, it will show up…

I know what it is.

Just saying, it is part CLYW.

Cool! :smiley:

This is pretty nifty man! ;D