Old School Throws: Resto coming January 2019!


I personally am a big fan of solids as I think they look cleaner and allow you to really see the yoyo, but we will have one fade.

(Goodnight Garrett) #42

Are you doing anymore quints in the future?


No, the two runs of Quints are all that’ll be made. I do have a couple of clear left if you’d like one!

(Goodnight Garrett) #44

Holy sweet Jesus yes please

(Goodnight Garrett) #45

I’ll pm you later


They’re ready!


Question: when will the fade be available? Solids aren’t my jam!


will you be doing more bimetals in the future?


This week! Haven’t picked a day yet but the reds and fades will likely be ready to go Wednesday or Thursday!


We have a few more unconventional bimetals in mind!


These yoyos look absolutely lovely!


I got to try one today at NJ states. Very fun :slight_smile:


Middle of the week as promised🤩