Old good yoyos?

Ive been into shoes lately and ive noticed that if a shoe is old or a “sample” it costs more: do the same rules apply for example a yyf boss which sold in 2011 and have been discontinued or maybe for the dv888 i myself have a 2010 edition grey dv888 would that be regular cost or more expensive just wondering? ???

That would be lower cost since it is a Dv888.

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Old YYFs rarely go for more than they originally retailed for, with the typical exceptions being some rare 07 and 08 888s.

There is little to no demand for the Boss or DV888, especially DV888. YYFs in general seem to have among the worst resale values of any mainstream brand in my opinion. They make great yoyos but they also make a whole bunch of them.

It’s been more or less forgotten but the hardcoat dv888 was pretty popular and rare during it’s time since it was a limited release

There’s also some G5’s (TE, Redstar, Sabotage), c22, skylines (tiger eye, starry night), grind machine/mutant 2 and all their really old stuff (401k, hype/hoax/fad, 301).

Lots of old yoyo’s are amazing, and sure some discontinued models sell for lots. Yoyoing has an amazing history and it’s really fun to find and play throws from bygone eras. They are more similar than they are different (just like yoyoers).

If you’re interested, I’ve written a lot about 99 old yoyo’s (some older than others) here:

2 words.

North Star

My torrent 2 is reminded when you say this…

The dv888 isn’t discontinued and therefore is worth less than retail price after the box itself is opened. There isn’t a huge mention of the Dv888 in production but hasn’t officialy been discontinued so there is no extra value to it. Plus your dv888 is only 4 years old, and things don’t just skyrocket above retail price that quickly

Well maybe in some years there will be a big want for the Dv888’s, but as of now it is not likely that the Dv888 will be sought after like that.

For the right price I’ll buy your boss haha.

He doesn’t have a boss, he was just giving an example :stuck_out_tongue: