OK In an argument, what do you guys think....

Ok, so my friend Alda has a trick that she says she stole from Grant Johnson.

I insist its a different trick, and she insist its not…

She is like: I stole it from Him.

I am like: no you didn’t.

What do you guys think.

OK here is Grants trick.

Starts at .52 seconds.

And her trick is at 1.02 in this video.

What do you guys think?

Same trick?

That GT thing?

I don’t this so, but this is an ongoing argument…

. >



Grant’s is a Crossarm GT…its a bit obvious they’re different.

It has the same idea, but its defenantly not the same.

That’s really a she?

Same concept but clearly executed in different ways, with a different outcome.

Definatly difrerent.

Thanks guys.

I will show her the replies to this.


And yeah she IS a she.

Just a major tomboy.


i think it a variance on the same trick but forget that, I want to know if you have a tut on the trick she started at 23 seconds in… that was kool.

One is crossed ones not definitly different.

Way to not be a jerk! :wink:

Wha?? When I saw Alda, he/she look like a boy.

Happy Throwing! =]


You are the 2nd person at that meeting who thought she was a guy…

I hear she gets that allot…


I figured out the trick so I can say I stole it from Grant Johnson :wink:

ouch, but she did look like a he…


Just saying from the top bottom that’s some heavy clothing.

So what you’re saying is women should wear loose/tight clothing?

Boy, you’re cynical.

she is not a girl she is aboy :o :o :o

Alad’s just looks like a variation of it

You can clearly see her face at the very ed of this video, the one who yells at my friend Everett for littering.

Now can we drop this?